Welcome to packetfail’s first post.

I’m not quite sure exactly what this blog will turn out to be, but my initial intent is just to collect information I find useful and think others might find useful as well.

Over the last 2 years or so I’ve taken a dive headlong into Juniper Networks’ JunOS platform and gear.  At my place of employment, we’ve completely replaced all layer 3 with SRX/JunOS (both HE and branch), our DC switching is all EX/JunOS, and we’re mid-stride of a complete access layer replacement with, you guessed it, EX/JunOS.  We’ve also got Juniper all over the ancilliaries – UAC(nac), IVE(sslvpn), and a little NSM and STRM for good measure.

In my adventures getting to know the gear and JunOS itself, I’ve found one of the most valuable resources to be a few hidden corners of web – small blogs, random forum postings, etc, and the community itself.

I’ve found that many of the resources I’ve used haven’t been updated or touched in quite some time, and some have completely disappeared.  Today I went to stand up a CentOS VM to run an instance of NSM for testing only to find the resources I had previously referenced for this are gone.  Poof.

So, the initial intent of this site will be to collect and archive useful bits and pieces of info and resources relating to networking in general, and Juniper/JunOS specifically.  The first (real) post will to write-up my VM NSM setup and notes.  Beyond that, who knows – but no goatse, I promise!


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